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WB Construction is a existing company, founded in 1964, ... the most accurate jig found for the recovery of diamonds. Large quantities of our equipment are already in use for many years in various countries, e.g. Liberia, Central Africa, Congo, Sierra-Leone, Mozambique and South Africa.

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Diamond Mining Equipment. 200 Cubic Yard Per Hour Diamond and Gold Jig Plant IN STOCK. 40 Cubic Yard Per Hour Portable Diamond and Gold Jig Plant IN STOCK. Missile Dredge. Missile Dredge . 70 cubic yard per/hr Twin 8" Diamond & Gold Dredge IN STOCK . 5 ft Portable Stir Pan IN STOCK .

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South Africa. Eastern Cape; Free State ... The men on Thursday claimed that they had been "legally" digging for diamonds at the De Beers site, between Samaria Road and the Kimberley Caravan ...

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The Big Hole. 150 years ago, the site of the Big Hole was a featureless, flat-topped hill. When word spread that diamonds had been discovered, thousands of prospectors, armed with nothing more than picks, shovels and hope, descended on Kimberley and created the …

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Diamonds are also mined alluvially over disperse areas, where diamonds have been eroded out of the ground, deposited, and concentrated by water or weather action. There is also at least one example of a heritage diamond mine ( Crater of Diamonds State Park ).

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Diamond Image Gallery Diamond seekers work near Freetown, Sierra Leone, in Africa. The country's diamond trade is known to have funded civil war and terrorism. The country's diamond trade is known to have funded civil war and terrorism.

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South Africa - Diamonds, gold, and imperialist intervention (1870–1902): South Africa experienced a transformation between 1870, when the diamond rush to Kimberley began, and 1902, when the South African War ended. Midway between these dates, in 1886, the world's largest goldfields were discovered on the Witwatersrand.

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1866: Eureka!Erasmus Jacobs, a 15-year-old farmer's son, finds Africa's first authenticated diamond near the Orange River, Hopetown. 1869: The Star of South Africa, an 83.5 carat rough diamond, is discovered by a Griqua herdsman in Hopetown.It triggers the first diamond rush.

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The news of the sale of the Star of South Africa, which fetched £30 000, and the discovery of more diamonds dispelled all doubts about the region's potential mineral wealth and brought in a ...

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Overview of the SADPMR. The South African Diamond Board was established in 1987 in terms of the Diamond Act, Act 56 of 1986 to regulate control over possession, the purchase, and sale of diamonds, the processing and the export of diamonds.

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A diamond's journey: Grim reality tarnishes glitter From the mines in Africa, to polishers in India, to retailers in the West, follow a diamond's global path to market.

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The historic Cullinan diamond, found in South Africa in 1905, weighed an astounding 3,106 ct. It was cut into a total of 105 diamonds of exceptional color and clarity. The Great Star of Africa (Cullinan I) weighs 530.20 ct. and the Lesser Star of Africa (Cullinan II) weighs 317.40 ct.

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Proof that diamonds are getting harder to find can be seen in the South African bush, where one of the world's largest mining companies is spending $2 billion tunnelling beneath a vast open-pit mine.

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As Africa's largest online mining information service, Africa Mining IQ is the definitive resource for diamond mining in South Africa, providing in-depth analysis, project intelligence and key contact details for the country's diamond mining projects.

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except those who have visited the diamond fields of South Africa, can accurately appreciate the most important part the digging industry has played in promoting the welfare of the country, a brief but very imperfect sketch of the mines, and of the method of working them, may prove of interest. Diamonds

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Diamondsud may yet attract much attention in Australasia as they haveud been found in four of the five continental colonics and also in Newud Zealand, and they are now being systematically sought for withud profit to the diggers in the northern part of New South Wales.

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Diamond extraction from primary deposits (kimberlites and lamproites) started in the 1870s after the discovery of the Diamond Fields in South Africa. Production has increased over time and now an accumulated total of 4,500,000,000 carats (900,000 kg) have been mined since that date.

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The diamond rush of the late 18th century transformed South Africa into one of the world's fastest-growing economies and led, in 1881, to the formation of the De Beers cartel.

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South African History Online (SAHO) needs your support. SAHO is one of the most visited websites in South Africa with over 6 million unique users a year. Our goal is to fulfill our mandate and continue to build, and make accessible, a new people's history of South Africa and Africa.

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Natural diamonds have been discovered in more than 35 countries. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), most of the known natural diamond reserves are located in Congo, Botswana, Australia, and South Africa. The Congo has the highest number of diamond reserves and is the leading producer of natural diamonds.

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South Africa is as beguiling and complex beneath her surface as she is exquisite at first glance. From the depths of her heart she offers precious gifts of gold, platinum, diamonds, and other precious gems, to master-craftsmen, who are charged with skilfully revealing their beauty to the world.

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In 1868 and 1869 various diamonds were found, and the search for them was no doubt instigated by Van Niekerk's and O'Reilly's success; but nothing great was done nor did the belief prevail that South Africa was a country richer in precious stones than any other region yet discovered.


Formal alluvial diamond mining mainly takes place in Angola, Namibia and South Africa. Small-scale informal alluvial diamond digging Small-scale informal alluvial diamond digging (also known as artisanal diamond digging) is usually undertaken by individuals, families or groups using very basic equipment, such as

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With the discovery of gold and diamonds in South Africa, industrialization in the country started in earnest, changing the course of the its history dramatically. It brought South Africa success and wealth, but also heartbreak and lost hopes.

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"Kimberley has had a profound effect on the course of history in Southern Africa. The discovery of diamonds there, more than a century ago, proved to be the first step in the transformation of South Africa from an agricultural into an industrial country.

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The first diamond discoveries in South Africa were alluvial. By 1869, diamonds were found far from any stream or river. First in yellow earth and below in hard rock called blue ground, later called kimberlite, after the mining town of Kimberley.

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Dec 22, 2018· Banks declined to respond to questions about why he appeared to have brought a diamond "back" without the necessary certificate, and what, if any, taxes were paid in South Africa or the UK on ...

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Venetia is the largest diamond producing mine in South Africa. It produced 3.066Mct of diamonds from 5.618Mt of ore in 2012. The deposit comprises of 12 kimberlite pipes. The mine is owned and operated by De Beers and has been in production since 1992.

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Kimberly diamond mine is an open pit and an underground mine based in Kimberley, South Africa. It has a width of 463 meters across and a depth of around 240 meters. There is a lot of infrastructure involved in digging mines and excavating diamonds.

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Uses Of Diamonds Diamonds are the ultimate precious stone for jewellery and this is reflected in De Beers' famous slogan: "A diamond is forever". Retail jewellery drives the market for gem diamonds. The size, colour, shape and clarity of each stone determine its value.

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South Africa takes the 5th spot on the list of the top 10 countries with most diamonds found. This country is one of the most-visited countries in the world because of its many beautiful and breathtaking places. Diamonds are plentiful in this country. The world's largest diamond was also found in South Africa.

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Experts agree that any reputable diamond dealer should be able to provide the necessary documentation to put your mind at ease. If they can't do that, simply take your business elsewhere. Experts also recommend purchasing diamonds from Australia and Canada, although there are legitimate diamond mines in Africa.